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// Program Council

Rules of Action

The Rejent Advisory Board exists to ensure a high level of writing and guiding principles.

    The main task of the Rejent Program Council is:

  • analysis and evaluation of materials published in the "Regency",
  • reviewing articles submitted by the editorial office,
  • agreeing with the Main Board of the Association of Notaries of the Republic of Poland, hereinafter referred to as the "Authorities of the Association", the directions of activities of Rejent,
  • submitting motions, postulates and substantive proposals,
  • evaluation of cooperation with the Association's Authorities,
  • admitting and removing members of the Program Council

The Program Council of Rejent consists of outstanding representatives of the science of law and notary practice, reported by the Association's Authorities, notary self-governments, and universities. Changes to the current composition of the Rejent Program Board require a resolution of the Program Board. Removal from the members of the Program Council may take place at the request of the Association's Authorities for reasons of inactivity or other justified reason.

// Program Council

Detailed Procedures

  • works of the Program Council of Rejent are managed by the editor-in-chief of Rejent,
  • The Program Council of Rejent expresses its position in the form of resolutions adopted in open voting at a meeting properly convened in open voting, with the exception of personnel matters or in written voting,
  • The Rejent Advisory Board meets at least once a year
  • invited guests may also participate in the meeting of the Rejent Program Board, but without the right to vote when adopting resolutions,
  • the time and place of the meeting of the Program Council of Rejent is convened by the Editor-in-Chief or the Association's Authorities after prior consultations with the members of the Program Council,
  • the agenda of the Rejent Program Board meeting is delivered to the members of the Program Board at least two weeks before the scheduled date of the meeting,
  • the member receives a one-off remuneration for participating in a meeting of the Rejent Advisory Board.
// Program Council


    The competences of the Program Council include:

  • reviewing articles in the monthly,
  • giving opinions on matters relevant to the monthly's agenda and on other matters.