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Publishing Rules

Materials sent to Rejent should have the following parameters: font 12 points (Times New Roman); line spacing 1.5; 1.25 cm paragraph indentation. Footnotes: 10 point font (Times New Roman); line spacing 1.0. Enter page numbering. The original must be accompanied by a legible copy.

The study should be signed by the author himself. Materials not exceeding 15-20 pages of standard A4 format will be accepted for publication.

The editorial office reserves the right to make abbreviations, stylistic, linguistic and punctuation corrections.

The Author's return of the printout with the author's correction means the transfer to the publishing house of the exclusive right to publish this study (art. 50 points 1 - 4 of authorship). Materials that have not been ordered will not be returned by the editorial office.

    Authors are requested to enter:

  • title or academic degree,
  • position or function held,
  • private address,
  • address of the relevant tax office,
  • your bank account number,
  • personal data needed for the tax declaration (NIP, PESEL).

Editors refuse to publish materials if any evidence of scientific misconduct is revealed, especially cases of "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship". We deal with "ghostwriting" when someone has made a significant contribution to the creation of a publication without disclosing his participation as one of the authors or without mentioning his role in the acknowledgments contained in the publication, while "guest authorship" ("honorary authorship") is declaring authorship or co-authorship by a person whose participation in the creation of the work is negligible or did not take place at all.

In order to counteract cases of "ghostwriting", "guest authorship" Authors are obliged to disclose and notify the editors of the contribution of individual Authors to the publication (with their affiliation and contribution, i.e. information who is the author of the concept, research assumptions, etc. used in the preparation of the study) .

In connection with the above-described rules of the "ghostwritting" and "guest authorship" firewall, the Author shall each time submit an appropriate statement to the Editorial Board in the document containing the publishing agreement or separately in written or electronic form.

Editors document all manifestations of scientific misconduct, especially breaking and violating the rules of ethics in force in science.