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Rejent monthly is a scientific journal that has been appearing regularly since 1991. The main area of ​​interest of "Rejent" are the most current research problems in the field of private law (primarily property law, contract law, inheritance law, family law, company law and private international law), as well as other areas and legal disciplines related to the implementation of profession of notary (especially notary system, electronic land and mortgage register proceedings).
In accordance with the Communication of the Ministry of Education and Science of December 21, 2021, on the amendment and correction of the communication on the list of scientific journals and reviewed materials from scientific conferences of the Ministry of National Education, the score of the Rejent journal was changed and it received 100 points. Since 2012, our journal has also been indexed in the international IC Journals Master List database with a score of 64 points.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the List of Scored Journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education - is a list of scientific journals with the number of points that can be obtained for publishing a scientific article in a given title. The list of bulleted journals has been published since 2004 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It can be used to evaluate scientific institutions and research workers. On the other hand, the ICI Journals Master List database includes journals that have undergone a multi-dimensional parametric evaluation process. The basic condition for indexation is that Editors adhere to the principle of transparency of activities and confirm the provision of reliable editorial services. Journals that meet the applicable indexation criteria receive the ICV (Index Copernicus Value) index, valid for 1 year, which reflects the level of the journal's development and its impact on the world of science.

In line with the content concept, the journal publishes studies explaining new legal institutions and analyzes relating to solutions adopted in foreign legal systems. The authors of the texts published in Rejent are prominent representatives of jurisprudence and legal practice, but also young scientists.

The editorial concept of the journal provides for the selection of texts published in the articles section, as well as - in the structure of a typical issue - sections: notary and court practice, polemics and reflections, glosses, reviews, news, review of jurisprudence, legislation and literature. The published materials should present an appropriate workshop and editorial side (linguistic correctness, compliance of the title with the content, logical consistency, the rules of citation, appropriate references to literature). The abstracts of articles with the indication of keywords are made in English.

The scope of the Rejent's archive numbers available free of charge on the Internet is constantly expanding.

Moreover, Rejent is active in other fields. First of all, it covers scientific conferences and organizes competitions for the best master's or doctoral dissertation.

Rejent is placed on the list of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and indexed on the international, specialized platform promoting scientific achievements - Copernicus International.