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Rejent 6/2016 (302)

Współczesny kształt systemu title registration w krajach common law (Zasady materialnoprawne cz. I)

Dr Paweł Blajer
adiunkt w Katedrze Prawa Rolnego WPiA UJ; notariusz w Krakowie
Tytuł: Współczesny kształt systemu title registration w krajach common law (Zasady materialnoprawne cz. I)
Słowa kluczowe:
rejestry nieruchomości, rejestracja praw do nieruchomości, system Torrensa, system rejestracji tytułu
Title: Contemporary form of the title registration system in the countries with common law (substantive rules part I)

The present article is the first part of the cycle concerning the modern shape of the title registration system in common law countries. The aim of this article is to present the basic substantive rules of the most universal land registration model i.e. title registration system which was implemented in various world areas. The article focuses on English and Welsh model as well as on so called Torrens system operating in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In the first section the Author discusses fundamental rules of AngloSaxon land law against the basic features of title registration system, taking into account the doctrine of tenures and estates and important distinction between legal and equitable rights, as well as the genesis of the current form of the title registration system. The second and third part of the paper are devoted to the crucial principle of title registration system; so-called mirror principle, stating that land register ought to be the single and conclusive source of information concerning legal status of real estate. Therefore in the second part of the article the Author describes the meaning of the estates; i.e. ownership rights in the continental sense. Finally, the last part of the article contains a detailed presentation of third-persons rights (interests) which are registered in the land registries. The analysis of the above-mentioned issues leads to the conclusion that practical meaning of the mirror principle in the title registration system is strictly limited; the principle is rather of purely theoretical importance.

Land registries, Registration of interests in land, title registration system, Torrens system
Titel: Die heutige Form des Systems title registration in den Ländern common law (Grundsätze des materiellen Rechtes Teil I)

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